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Managed IT Support & Solutions

Managed IT Support & Solutions

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Every business has three levels of technology support needs

Ensure it works  A team available to you and your organization that are able to offer routine maintenance and support, including updating hardware and software, handling maintenance, and handling emergencies.

Ensure it works when needed  Contact monitoring allows us to manage and resolve little hiccups in the background before the user is aware.

Ensure it helps make more money  This is the most important. Ensure the systems you are using have the support that is helping you to proactively manipulate technology to improve revenue.


Specialized areas of support  we specialize in specific business sectors and have deep knowledge of the the needs, specialized software packages and the Federal or provincial level regulatory environment. We can help you make sure your technology stays in compliance with regulations, as dictated by HIPAA, PIPEDA or PCI. We monitor and proactively fix most issues remotely, and in most cases, without you realizing you were having an issue, and without being onsite. We provide services and solutions to ensure that we assist you in achieving your long-term development strategy by allowing your team to focus on their jobs.

Help desk support  Have a question, your PC seems slow, I can’t find a file, or all of the little quirky issue, hardware and software crises that can happen at any time a help desk means your team has somewhere to go to get the question answered quickly.

Security and data protection With the increasing news about hacking and data theft, it seems obvious that it is no longer a question on whether or now you will be compromised, but when and to what degree. We can provide the support you need to protect your data, and provide information and a resolution when the unthinkable happens.

Disaster planning and recovery What would it cost you to be down for an hour, a day or several days? We can provide consulting resources to plan what needs to be done to minimize the affects of a disaster, as well as put into place procedures to ensure a speedy return to business.

Software updates Regular and constant software updates are a necessity, to ensure you remain in compliance, as well as close security loop holes, but they can also create headaches for every user. Our Managed IT Services plans include scheduled pre-tested software updates completed in the background, without the user being aware.

Avoid expensive add on fees We can offer you a service plan that provides on-going levels of support and includes priority attention in the event of an emergency, so you avoid becoming just another client in the queue.

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